The Digital Skills Platform is a microlearning platform where you can learn digital skills in the form of highly effective and engaging 1 – 2 minutes long videos.

The Digital Skills Platform is a part of the Training Curriculum that you get as a member of SFM. SFM has come up with this training platform in collaboration with Grovo – the industrial leader in microlearning.

Microlearning is basically the process of building successful behaviors through small, focused steps. A macro concept is broken down into a number of small, easy to grasp, micro concepts. It is deigned to match the working of our brain. An average human brain’s short term memory can hold up to approximately only seven pieces of information at any given time. Hence, our brain has a tendency to forget a lot and quickly.

This method of microlearning applied at the Digital Skills Platform uses best practices for learning such as spacing, interleaving and repitition to help your brain move information from short-term memory into the long-term memory from where it can easily be retrieved while you’re working.

The purpose behind coming up with such a platform is to enable you to absorb the technical skills, which might seem daunting to you, to the maximum level by retaining your concentration span. It helps you continually develop the skills on a daily basis as you progress along the way.


There are a number of courses offered in Digital Skills Platform ranging from technical digital skills to marketing and productivity tips. The number of courses you get access to is determined by the level of your membership.


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