How To Crush It With Your Strengths?

How To Discover Your Talent – The One Thing and Leverage It To Build A Successful Business

By Anam Tahir | October 14th ‘ 2016

how to identify your strengths and use them


 “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” – Hellen Keller                                                                                            

 The journey to greatness begins in your mind, with a vision. But to have a vision you must first know who you truly really are.

Who do you really want to become?

What is that you truly want to do?

What is your true strength? The strength that will empower you to turn your adversity into advantage.

To identify your real strength and finding your true-self is not mere luck.

You have to strive for it.

You have to search for it.

Nowhere else but within you!

In today’s post you’ll go through some intense training to discover the Greatness within you.

Wear your virtual trainers and get set to become the Champion of your own life!

Download Your Complete  Personal-Evaluation-Worksheet-.pdf (190 downloads)

Step 1. Part A. Personal Evaluation

Yesterday you took a virtual tour of the nine steps to building a successful online business. (insert link)

Today is the beginning of that beautiful journey and you have my back on each step.


“You cannot run away from who you are.” – Gary Vaynerchuk


You are the beginning of everything.

You are the problem. You are the solution.

You’re the question. You’re the answer.

You are the canvas. You are the paint brush.

You are the creator of your own destiny.

You are the author of your own story.

And to create a masterpiece you must first know yourself.

“Knowing oneself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle

Your Identity Becomes Your Reality – Invest In Your Identity

You become who you think you are.

Know Your Why. Know Who You Are.

“If your ‘why’ is strong enough, the ‘how’ doesn’t matter.” – Unknown

Grab a pen and a paper as today you’re a participant in a virtual workshop. There’s a ton of exercises to help you in finding YOU.

Do not skip any step. It might feel like work but I promise you, once you do all the exercises, you’ll find The Right Direction you’ve been looking for so long!

Finding Your WHY

Let me tell you a story.

Initially when I took the plunge, my ‘why’ was to get successful because I wanted to take my revenge. As they say, “Your success is your best revenge.”

I wanted to get successful because I wanted to rub my success in the face of my ex-husband and his family who belittled me. But soon I realized that it was an entirely wrong reason to go into business.

I realized I need to serve a bigger purpose in my life. A purpose that gives me a sense of fulfillment. A purpose that makes me a happier person to the very nucleus of my cells.

My reason, my why, was further pulling me down the spiral instead of growing my wings and fly into the skies.

I was not experiencing any growth in my business and as a person. The reason being, my strings were still controlled by my past. Despite trying my best to grow I wasn’t able to do so.

The very grounding of my business was toxic. I needed to detoxify the very foundation of it.

One day I accidentally hit a motivational video on YouTube that had Les Brown’s speech playing in the background. I don’t know what magic is in his voice. I was spell casted.

I got chills all over my body and I started crying. Crying like a baby. I cried my eyes out. Out and Loud!

That one video became the turnkey point in my life. And that was the moment when I decided to go through intense mindset training.

I saturated my mind with positive audio, positive books, infinite amount of self-development content, day in and day out! It instilled in me a power that I myself don’t know what it is.

But as if by magic I started finishing the tasks that had been posted on my wall for months among the overly crowded, never ending list of to-do’s.

I had started believing in myself.

This became the turning point in my life.

I now have a vision.

I exactly know why am I doing what I’m doing, who I want to become and what I want to achieve in my life.

Each and every day I make a deliberate conscious effort and inch myself forward towards my dream of becoming a business coach and public speaker. I want to make my parents proud and happy. So much happy that they forget about their past pain.

You too have to think about a reason that is big enough to keep you driving.

Your why is the foundation of not just your business but your future and your family and it has to be very strong! Strong enough to hold the entire structure of your legacy intact even when you’re resting in the darkness of your grave.

Think of serving a bigger purpose. A purpose, a dream that is bigger than you.

Involve those people in your vision who you love unconditionally like your family as it makes you accountable to your own self to do better and be better each day.

The stronger your why, the stronger is the competitive drive that will keep you pushing until you reach your dreams.

Action Steps

Write down everything that comes to your mind for each one of them and then keep narrowing it down until you get to That One Reason.


Why do you want to be successful?


Why do you want to start your business?


What are the top reasons worth fighting for in your life?


Who are the people who you love the most and you’re willing to go through anything to make them happy?

Personal Evaluation

Right now you feel as if you’re stuck in a rut. You’re unable to pull yourself out of the grinding machine.

But before you start working on creating a solution to your problem, you must have a deep through understanding of your problem.

Open-Book Exercise


What is the current problem you're facing in your life?


Why are you facing it?


Why is it still there in your life? Have you taken any step to overcome it or get rid of it?


How would you rate yourself from 1 to 10 based on your work ethic, 1 being the lowest?


What are those the things that you would do in order to be more productive, more efficient with your time management?


What are the habits that have served you in your life?


What are the habits that have decreased your productivity?


What areas of your life are you content with?


What are the things that you can push yourself in to raise your game to the next level?


What are the things that you currently experience in your life that frustrate you? List them down and then rank them from the worst to the least bad.


What are the things that you currently experience in your life that frustrate you? List them down and then rank them from the worst to the least bad.


What actions can you take to solve them? Write down an answer for each one of the problems.

Download Your Complete Personal-Evaluation-Worksheet-.pdf (190 downloads)


Tell me one thing,

Do you live for the weekends? If yes, then oh dear you’re in trouble!

If you would have truly loved your work, you would be more than happy to work on a Sunday even! I’m not saying that you should (of course Sunday is a family day and family comes first) but I’m telling you what your state of mind would have been.

And more so you would be pumped up Every. Single. M-o-n-d-a-y! Because you can’t wait to start working again.

I’m not saying that you got yourself into this position on purpose. Of course you have some reasons to be working at what you’re working right now.

But the point is you MUST find the work that you love! It’s your drug for success.

But, I know, most of the times you’re just not sure about what it is that you truly love.

So here I am to help you at my level best.


Grab a pen and a paper and write down


What is That One Thing that you are obsessed with?

– The thing that you thing about the most.

– The thing that you imagine yourself doing unconsciously almost all the time.


Who do you want to become?


What is the industry you want to go into and why?


What do you want from life?


List down the people who you really look up to. Are they crushing it in the industry they work in?


Why do you idealize them?


What are those qualities that make you admire them? Qualities related to their work ethic, their way of execution and anything else that comes to your mind.

The best statement ever that I came across that made me structure my vision and goal was given by none other than Gary Vaynerchuk. He says,

“Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what is that one thing that you want to do each day for the rest of your life. Do that!” 

If you figure out the answer to the above question, it will become so easier for you to be very specific in what you actually want from life.

Once you exactly know what you want, your energies get focused towards that one goal, that one idea which will give birth to all the other ideas.

He always says, “Passion is the Game.”

And nothing could be truer.

If you’re not truly passionate about your work, soon you’ll get bored and worse, burnt out!

You’ll end up quitting your work and start looking for other opportunities and you’ll stay confused, distracted, dissatisfied with your work and unhappy with your life.

So the first step is identifying what you love to do and then start working on it.

Make your dream an obsession.

Success cannot be achieved without obsession, without a burning desire – A situation when you give yourself two primary choices:

Either win or perish.


Commit to being successful and ask yourself the following


Are you willing to persist?


Are you ready to be disciplined and strategic with your time, energy and resources?


How bad do you want this? Are you hungry for it?


What are you willing to do to get to your dream?


What actions do you plan to take to get there? Write them down.

*Give yourself a 90-day challenge and be very specific in what you want.

Everything Matters – Your Thoughts being the foremost!

You better guard your thoughts.

Have faith in yourself. Believe in the unknown – the things that do not yet exist for you. Because it’s your faith in yourself that determines who you become.

“Create the Highest, Grandest vision possible for yourself because you become what you believe.” – Oprah Winfrey

Your thoughts are the driving force towards your future. Where ever you are right now in your life is a direct result of your thoughts and what you have been doing up until now.

Positive thoughts have a power to create a positive life.

You can set yourself up on the course of success by following the three principles of success.


My mentor, Jay Kubassek, introduced these three principles of success to me when I was starting out. And today I want to share them with you before you step into the boxing ring.

Principle 1: Define the Goal You Desire

All successful people have a vision. They have a goal toward which they are working.

You must have a clearly defined goal you want to achieve.

Have a Vision.

Take action to materialize it.

Vision without execution is hallucination

The clearer your goal is, the more focused your energy and thoughts are towards achieving that goal. The clarity of the goal will allow you to be laser-focused and create that burning desire within you – A state of mind when you are ready to do whatever it takes to have what you want.

Specific goals drive specific actions and specific actions create specific results that you want.

That’s the power of it.

I’ll teach you how to set your goals in the coming post.

Principle 2: Create an Action Plan

You’re only as good as your plan. Successful outcomes are always driven by solid plans.

Once you define your specific goal, you must have a specific action plan.

Principle 3: Take Consistent Action and Sharpen Your Skills by Daily Practice

“If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’ll spend four hours sharpening my axe.” – Abraham Lincoln

It’s not what you do that matters, it’s what you do daily that matters.

Consistent action taken each day, along with a specific action plan towards the ultimate goal, is what that’ll get you there.

Vague goals yield vague results.

Inconsistent action reap insignificant results.

Be pro-active and think in the long-term. Write down the specifics of what you want and then start acting.

Reset your financial thermostat.

Write down your current income and the income level you think that’ll make a difference in your life.

Multiply the latter by 10x and make that your target. Start working towards it until that income becomes your minimum standard.

Fall in love with the chase.

Fall in love with the pain.

If your goal doesn’t get you driving, then it’s not a goal, it’s a wish and a wish never comes true until worked upon.

Someone rightly said,

“If your dream doesn’t scare you, you’re not dreaming big”.

Delete the word try from your life if you want to be successful.

Don’t try. DO!

Successful people don’t try things. They decide what they want and then start working towards it until they get it done.

“I don’t take right decisions. I take decisions and then make them right!” – Muhammad Ali Jinnah

If it’s hard, then do it hard until you make it easy!

Your mind is a computer.

Program your mind for success.

People would keep living a life that they hate, complaining about the jobs that they hate and then going for the same job the next day. They would keep being a slave to their nine to five jobs for decades rather than making an effort towards their dreams. Because that takes courage and people chicken out when it comes to being courageous enough to go out and hunt their dreams!


Answering the following questions is crucial because they help you discover your true self.

When I took the plunge, these questions were given to me by mentor, Jay. He says knowing your true-self is the key to opening the door to being the person who you want to be.

Answering these questions really helped me shape my “why” and gave a whole new direction to my life.

I am sure you’ll feel the same once you answer them.

You’ll be amazed to know things about yourself that you don’t even know right now that they exist.

Download Your Complete  Personal-Evaluation-Worksheet-.pdf (190 downloads)



 – Don’t just have a vision, HUNT IT!

Where you are right now in your life?

Where you want to see yourself in the next 24 to 36 months?

What are your personal values that you treasure the most?

How do you want people to know you?

What type of people do you want to attract into your life and your business?

What do you want people to think and say about you?

What are the things that you currently experience in your life that frustrate you? List them and then rank them from the worst to the least bad.

What actions can you take to solve them? Write them down under each one of them.

Top Five things that you must change in yourself to achieve your target.

Top five things that you must develop.

Top five things that you know you should do to achieve your goals but you don't do them because of fear of execution, fear of failure, fear of what others will say about you.

To give you an example, here are my answers to a few of the questions above that I wrote when I was starting out.

Time to Be Creative

> Get Set >> Go >>>


Describe your Ideal Work Routine

Describe what specific number of hours you would work, how many tasks would you like to accomplish in how much time, your work schedule and anything you want to put in there.

Describe Your Ideal Day

Imagine how your perfect day would look like and what things do you have – the house, the car, family, anything.

How does your work space look like?

Write down how your dream day would be. It includes your dream morning time, ideal evening time, work time, night time, family time. Involve everyone and everything in it. Your family, your colleagues, friends, pets, etc.

Describe what your emotions would be in that ideal day.

Describe Your Ideal Week

For example, what did you accomplish in that week?

How did you feel?

What was your schedule? Did you successfully time yourself as per the schedule?

How much time do you give to yourself?

Do you have some time for play aside from your work? Some relaxation, some recreation at the end of the week long hustle.

Describe Your Ideal Life 90 days from Today

Describe how your ideal month would be. What you would have accomplished in your ideal month?

What would your social life be like?

Your work life?

Your fitness level?

What were your targets and how did you meet them?

How do you feel imagining visualizing your ideal month?

>> For each one of them:

-Write down your emotions. Involve all your senses in it as much as you can. Go into as much detail as you can.

-Write at least 10 to 12 lines.

-Think big and stretch your horizons.

-Don’t worry about getting it right.

-Just right it down.

Your Bucket List

Write anything that comes to your mind and make it as long as you can! Let’s see how many wishes you can come up with!

>> Challenge: Come up with a 100 point wish list.

Download the complete worksheet here, print it, and finish it.


Create the right environment for your progress as progress equals happiness.

If you’re not progressing you’re not growing. If you’re not growing you’re not happy and if you’re not happy then what else there is in life.

But many people mistakenly think of environment as the right furniture. The dashing office building. The lights and the workspace and all that horse crap that doesn’t matter.

Environment means people.

You create the right environment for your success by surrounding yourself with the right people. People who are already living who you want to become. People who are actually crushing it!

Surrounding yourself with winners is crucial for your success as you always become your social orbit. If you surround yourself with B players you’ll end up being an average of those B players.



Look at your ten closest influences (not your family members) and write down their annual incomes. Then calculate the average income. There are very high chances that your income will be very close to the average income of the people who you hang out with the most.

Take a pen, paper and calculator and do the math now. See if that turns out to be correct for you or not. I’m pretty sure you’ll fall very close to that average.

Check it now!


List down all people who are crushing it in your industry and then try to connect with them (you can get an appointment online or schedule a meeting over meal or in their office or however.)

Let’s see how many you can come up with and how much effort do you put in to meet as many of them.

The OPQ Principle

The legendary Les Brown talks about applying the OPQ principle in order to create the right environment for yourself.




He says,

“Birds of a feather flock together. If you run around with losers, you’ll end up a loser. It’s necessary that you cut the losers out of your life if you want to live your dreams.”


You mind is a machine that you need to program for success.

Come to terms with the fact that there are no short cuts in life.

Success doesn’t come easy. Period.

Success begins at the end of your comfort zone. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you’ll start progressing towards your destiny.

Smart work can never replace hard work. You’ll have to work hard and smart, if you really want to be successful.

There is no such thing as get-rich-quick. Anything that comes easy is not worth having and anything that’s worth having doesn’t come easy.

“If you do what is easy your life will be hard. If you do what is hard your life will be easy. People who are hungry are willing to do things today that others won’t do in order to have things tomorrow that others won’t have.

You’ve got to develop a sense of urgency. If you really want something in your life and if you’re hungry for it and you cannot invest enough then you must do what is required until you get it. “- Les Brown.

Think about the big picture. Think in the long-term. Twenty, thirty years from now. How do you picture your life?

Believe in the unknown. Believe in the things that do not yet exist because that’s how things exist. Go into the future and imagine the finished picture, the finished objective and then start taking action.

Have a goal map. A plan. But you have to be creative with your plan. Keep it flexible. Keep innovating it until you get the desired results.

 “Forget about plan B as it distracts your plan A. Focus on one idea and make it work!” – Will Smith

An end to a New Beginning

The ONLY key to your better future is YOU!

Treat your business as if you’ve spent your entire fortune on it.

Make a commitment to your commitment and take consistent action each day.

Stay hungry for more and,

“Start working on your dream as if your life depends on it!

Why? Because it does!” – Les Brown

And every day keep reminding yourself of one thing:

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”

– George Elliot


Download Your Complete  Personal-Evaluation-Worksheet-.pdf (190 downloads)

Did you complete the worksheet? Where did you face problems? Let me know in the comment box below and I’ll help you out with your confusions.

If you like it, please don’t forget to share it with your friends and acquaintances who are as hungry for success as you are.

Coming Up Next

Tomorrow you’ll learn about:

  • Structuring your Goal Statement.
  • Setting Goals.
  • Designing an Action Plan.
  • Reverse Engineering your goal.
  • Productivity hacks to reach your daily targets within targeted time.

Stay tuned. Until then, take care. J


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