How To Know Your Customer And Attract The Right People? Part 1

If You Want To See People Flooding In To Buy From You

By Anam Tahir | October 16th ‘ 2016

how to identify your target audience

Just for a moment slow down and imagine yourself how easier it would be for you to sell your product if you already had hundreds of people dying to buy from you.

Imagine yourself waking up and sending email to your hot list of subscribers about your product as you sip your coffee and then see sales notification emails flooding your inbox.

How would you feel being in that state of zen when you have your own social media tribe – people who actually care for you. People who can’t wait to buy from you because they are so happy with the value that you have given them through your content.

Just imagine how easy it would be for you to generate new customers if there were thousands of people already lined up to go to your website and see what new content you have put up.

Step 2 – How To Identify Your Target Audience?


Why Is It Critical To Define Your Target Audience?

Knowing your potential customers well is the very foundation of your business. If you don’t know That One Person who you’re talking to, whom you’re building your product for, you’ll never experience great results.

This one thing has costed me a ton of hours and money. In my very initial days I had no f**king idea how to identify my target audience.

After a crap load of back-breaking days I figured out how to find my ideal customer and to your utter pleasure you don’t have to sift through Google pages after pages.

Finding your target audience and building up your ideal customer avatar is NO Joke! Seriously.

It’s the most critical and the foremost thing that you should go for as a business person. Many newbie entrepreneurs make the mistake of first producing product and content, and then marketing it to everyone out there.

And I am no exception. I have done the mistakes and paid my price. But there’s no shame in sharing my biggest failure and the most valuable lessons that I have learnt.

Get Grounded

Defining your ideal prospect lies at the heart of any business no matter how small it is. This is the key determinant of success which is highly ignored by most of the start-up entrepreneurs.

To witness sales flooding in you must first firmly establish the very foundation of your business by defining your ideal customer.

This is one area that will turn your business profile into a brand. It will become your identity in the industry.

Defining your ideal customer is basically positioning your business in the industry with a very targeted marketing message. It will develop the eco-system within which your business will operate.

Giving value to people requires knowing them first. Knowing their pain points. Their sufferings. Their needs.

Once you know what pain they are going through it becomes very easy for you to create product and content that deeply resonates with them and releases their pain.

Only then can you make them emotionally attached with you, your content and your products.

And people always buy because of emotional triggers not because of some mathematical logic.

That’s how important it is to work on this key area.

However, there is a certain process that you need to undergo to figure out who your target audience is and then define your ideal customer.

They say,

“If you’re marketing to everyone, you’re marketing to no one.”

And it is so true!

For the first four months of producing content I did not see any results.

The reason being that instead of talking to you, only you, I was talking to everyone!

That’s the deadliest sin a business person can ever make!

The narrower your target audience, the more strategic you are, and the more relevant your product becomes.

Being highly targeted helps you leverage your time, effort and money.

Your product creation and marketing efforts become cost effective only when you strongly position in yourself in a narrow niche – a small group of people having interests in products similar to your product.

Reasons to Define Your Target Audience

To ensure you’re creating the:

Right product for the right people to maximize sales;

Right content for the right people to increase traffic to your website.



how to define your target audience

Step 0. Industry Analysis

1- What industry you want to go in?


Marketing, Clothing, Fashion, Self-Development, Fitness, Food and Nutrition, Travelling.

2 – What is your product genre? The overall idea of the product?


Does it deal with teaching people how to do marketing of their products on social media, how to dress up right for the right occasion, how to manage household chores with work, eating healthy food, exercising regime, etc?

Customer Analysis

Step 1. Demographics

Find out your customer’s: