How To Know Your Customer And Attract The Right People? PART 2

If You Have No Clue Where Your Target Audience Hangs Out and How To Get Inside Their Head, this one’s for you.

By Anam Tahir | October 17th ‘ 2016

how to identify your target audience

Yesterday we went through a series of steps that empowers you to know your customer.

I am sure you must have downloaded the list of questions to answer.


Let me guess. Are you thinking to yourself,

‘How the hell am I going to find that information about my customers?! I don’t even know where to find them!”

And there are chances that you do the guess work and then wait for your results only to find out that your marketing failed and you lost thousands of dollars.

Well, time to throw away those worries out of the window.

The guess-and-pray strategy sucks! I know.

WHERE To Find Your Customers And HOW To Get Inside Their Heads

There are many articles that tell you what questions to answer like the list above but hardly anyone tells you how and where to get the answers for those questions.

After much research I found two articles by Neil Patel that stopped me from killing myself !

Here, I’m going to provide you the crux of those two articles coupled with my own insight.

This is exactly what you need to know at this very step in building your online business.

Neil Patel, in his article, explains very well how to identify your target audience.

In this article, he writes that identifying your target audience involves going through four main steps.

Step 1. Knowing Who Are They?

You have to define who that person is to whom you intent to sell your product. Exactly define what your niche is.

For example, saying that your niche is “people seeking self-development” is very broad and vague.

You have to narrow it down. Go into the specifics.


Are they people looking for

– Mindset development coaching for good mental health and happiness

– Fitness training for losing weight as beginners

– Fitness training for professional athletes

– Nutrition plans for a well-balanced nutrient intake for a healthy body

… and so on.

Do you think you can create a product that caters to the problems of an athlete and an obese person at the same time?


Although both of them fall under the niche of self-development fitness training but they are entirely two different types of people with an entirely different set of needs and problems.

So, you have to be very specific about your target audience, your ideal customer.

Step 2. What are they struggling with?

This one thing gave me night mares.

For this is the phase that is the most research intensive.

Heads up. Before you dive into it gather up all the patience because it is the most time taking thing in building up your customer profile.

So in order to know their pain points you must go to forums where they most actively interact and share their problems.

Searching Forums

To know about the forums type in Google:

intitle: forum + “your niche keyword”


If you want to go into the fitness industry and within that industry your products/services deal with teaching people what are the right types of healthy food for them, then you will search for:

intitle: forum + “fitness training”

But since you’re a beginner then the best places to search for their problems are Reddit and Quora.


Reddit is basically a kind of discussion forum where people ask problems and other people in the same group have a discussion on the solution. It looks more like a bulletin board.

If you don’t know what Reddit is then this article by Neil Patel is a must read for you if you want to know how Reddit works.

In Reddit, there are various sub-categories called sub-reddits. Each sub-reddit is dedicated to a particular group of people.


Given that you are a fitness trainer for beginners, when you open up Google and write ‘Reddit weight loss fitness training’ Google will show you various subreddits.

Another option is that you go to, create your account and search for, let’s say, fitness training, in the search bar.

Once you search for it reddit will show you various sub-reddits.

Go to each one of the sub-reddits and see how many members are a part of that group.

To have more accurate idea of their problems choose the groups that are very active (see if anybody has replied to a post within last couple of days) and go for the ones which have at least a few thousand members.

I personally think sub-reddits with less than 25,000 members won’t give you a good idea of their problems as it is a small group and doesn’t represent a large set of problems faced by your target audience.

As a fitness trainer for beginners the following posts by members will give you an idea what problems they are going through.

Look for as many sub-reddits catering to your niche as possible and look for the problems that people post. And also have a look at the discussion going on in different posts.

It will give you  very clear idea of what people in your niche are struggling with and what kind of solutions do they prefer.


Another place to go to is Quora if you want to know what your target audience is struggling with.

When you go to Quora and write fitness in search bar you’ll get a various options for fitness topics.

Choose the ones that suit your niche the most and have a good number of followers to get a better idea of what problems people are facing.

As a fitness trainer, when you search for ‘fitness’ in the search bar, a list of topics will show up related to fitness. Choose the one that suits your audience the most.

Assuming you’re a fitness trainers for beginners, you see the following set of questions that people post.

The more you search for questions the more you’ll get clear on what problems people are facing.

Write down your set of problems – make an excel sheet or simply write down in a notebook, whatever you’re comfortable with.

But it should be handy so that you can access it whenever you get confused and stuck in the process.

Once you get clear on what your target audience is struggling with, you get very focused towards your product and content creation.

Step 3. Where do they look for solutions? Which websites do they visit to look for solutions?

Reddit and Quora are great discussion forums where you get to know about their problems, but in this phase you are required to make a list of websites that provide solution to the problems of your target audience.

These are the industry influencers and your competitors.

You have to look for the top 20 -30 sites and list them down. You will need them afterwards when you start creating content.

Google the websites.

In your search bar, write for example, top blogs for fitness training for beginners, you will get a list of them. See below:

These are the influencers in your niche. Your competitors. You must look out for their work as you need to differentiate your work from them.

Step 4. How can you provide value to your ideal prospects?  Why should they seek you?

If you are starting out and your work is no different from your competitors and influencers then why would people come to you with their problems. It’s natural for them to go to established people in the industry for their problems.

So in this phase, you’ll learn how to make yourself stand out in the industry and position yourself in a way that compels your potential customers to come to you.

Once you have a list of top websites, 20 – 30 is a sweet spot, go to these websites and observe their content. Analyze their strong points and weak points.


As a fitness trainer for beginners look if these websites are creating content in the form of blogs or videos or both?

How can you provide additional value to your prospects that will compel them to come to your website? What is the quality of their content?

Are the blogs too wordy?

Do they include enough images to support their work?

If their content is in the form of videos, are they covering the details that a beginner should know such as the right body postures, angles, weights, etc?

Is the sound and picture quality of their videos good because in the online fitness industry you cannot survive without great visual content.

And so on. Don’t try to compete with them in their strong areas. Be creative. Look for ways how you can be different from them.

Dive into the ideas that they haven’t touched upon as yet or they’re lagging in. These are their weaknesses and your opportunities. Work on them and make those your strengths.


Once you have an overall idea of your niche, your target audience, it’s time to go specific and build your ideal customer avatar.

To do that you need to know the following about your audience. Their:

1- Demographics

2- Psychographics.

Less Is More 

Small Audience Is Always a Better Audience

When you’re producing content to promote your product it’s very important to talk to a very narrow small group of people.

And the best way to do that is to talk to one person in your head while creating product and content for them.

The more specific your customer profile, the more focused your content creation is, and the more targeted your marketing campaign is.

The more laser focused you are, the more conversions you’ll see.


The demographics tell you who that person is. Demographics include information about the:

– Gender

– Age

– Occupation:

– Employed or unemployed

– Employee or self-employed or a business owner

– Low skilled worker or a professional

– Location

– Education level

– Marital Status

– Number of Children

– Age of children

– Ethnicity

– Native/ immigrant

– Income level

– If retired then what was the previous occupation.

*Note: Not all of them will be relevant to your business.* 

Today you’ll know how-to and where-to get the demographics information from.

When I was at your stage I did not find a single article on the internet that went beyond just listing down the above mentioned demographic features except for this one article by Neil Patel.

I have extracted only the amount of content that you exactly need to absorb at this stage.

Since you’re just starting you don’t have a website right now and it’s impossible for you to track the demographics of your audience.

This is the point where your list of websites that you had collected in step 3 above will come into play.

Since these are the websites that cater to your niche you will track their traffic demographics.

As they are the websites of industry leaders, the influencers, their audience demographics will give you a very god idea of your target audience.

Let’s dive into it.

The following is exactly what I did when I was starting out.

Go to this website named Alexa. 

It has a 7 day free trial option. Choose the Advanced Plan. Click on that, fill in the required information and you’ll be taken over to your dashboard.

Fitness Training Example continued

We’ll refer to the niche of fitness training for beginners (refer to yesterday’s post). Follow the following steps:

Step A.

Once you go to your dashboard, scroll down through the section on the left hand and click “Site Overview”.

Step B.

Next you’ll be redirected to another window and in the search bar on top write the name of any site from the list of the top that you had made in the Step 4 above.

Step C.

Now that you have entered this website, you’ll be taken over to a window where all the information of that site will be given to you. Scroll down you’ll find a section of “Audience Location”. Either record the locations in an excel sheet or write it down in a separate notebook specifically for the target audience research . Whatever feel better to you.

Step D.

Keep scrolling to the bottom of the page and you’ll find the section “Audience Demographics”. Here you’l get all the basic information that you need to know in order to create your target audience profile.

Repeat this process for around 5 to 10 top sites and you’ll see the same demographics pattern.

Record all the data in an excel sheet or anywhere you like as you’ll need to refer to it quite a lot of times later.

Now you have the demographics for your target audience to construct your ideal customer avatar.

Your ideal customer demographics will look like:

Gender: Highly Male Oriented

Age: 25- 34 years

There are two Age groups that represent almost same percentage of traffic visiting the website. 18 – 24 years and 25 – 34 years. Choose one of them as it will entirely change the language and type of marketing efforts and platforms that you need to focus on.

Income: $0 – $30K per year

Again in this case as well there are two income groups that represent almost equal amount of traffic to this website , $0 – $30K and $30K – $60K per year. But it’s always good to focus on one income group. Choose one of them. It will make your content and marketing more focused and relevant.

Education: Have college education.

Location: U.S, India, UK, China and Pakistan

But when you’re just starting out it’s always the best practice to focus on one country as it will totally determine what type of problems they have.

For example , your potential customers living in US have different set of cultural and societal pressures to stay fit as compared to those living in India. It does effect your marketing terminology.

Not all parameters are important for your business. Now, you know it better which demographics to target.

But as you grow and get better and better idea of your website traffic, you should keep refining your target audience.

Getting Inside Your audience’s minds –

The Psychographics

As much it is important to know about your why, it is as important to know your audience’s why.

In order to create the right product and content for your customers you must know what’s going on in their heads.

You must think from behind their heads.

This is something that a large majority of people miss out when they are starting out which results in them seeing insignificant results.

As mentioned in my previous post in order to see sales flooding in you must create the product that your customer wants.

Answering the following questions will help you get there:

What is their level of awareness about your niche?

What problems compelled them to look for solutions in your niche? Why are the interested in your niche?

What are the biggest challenges they’re struggling with the subject regarding your niche? Come up with at least 10.

How do they like to learn? Do they like to consume content in the form of text, videos, podcasts, images, etc.

What benefits will they get from your product?

What problems will your product solve?

Make a list of at least 10 benefits that they will get from your product.

The best way to do that is to convert the features of your product into benefits.


As a fitness trainer one of your product feature is weight training.

Convert this into your customer’s benefits.

For example, you can write it as:

“Tone up your body, look beautiful and gain self-confidence.”

Now body toning happens as a result of weight training of course but since your customer is a beginner there are high chances that she doesn’t know that in order to have a toned up body she must lift weights.

So writing the feature directly as ‘Get professional weight training’ won’t help you in getting sales.

So you must think from your customers’ perspective.

The list is endless.

You can come up with as many questions as you want to clarify your customer’s thought process. The clearer, the better.

Go get up! Start your homework now. Take your time. Don’t rush into getting done with it. It will take many hours to the work. A couple of days may be. It took me a week. May be I’m too slow. I don’t know but whatever it is, I promise, your hard work today will pay you off later.
If you have any confusions don’t shy away. Ask me in the comments. And if this was of any help to you, please share it with your friends and family. It means a lot to me.  🙂

Coming Up Next

Tomorrow you will learn about how to design a sales funnel that will boost your sales.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care. 🙂

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