I’m Anam Tahir.

— A Woman Who Refused To Live By The Rules.

My online entrepreneurial journey began in the year 2015 with a dream of creating a life that gives me the freedom to be who I want to be. Not only did I want financial freedom but I wanted to live my life on my terms. I was determined to do whatever it takes to be where I want to see myself. Joining SFM was a turnkey moment in my life that transformed me inside out. Owing to the weak mindset cultivated in me for years, it took me much longer than many people to shift my paradigms and work relentlessly towards my business. The best thing that I ever did for myself was to believe in me before anybody else. It was my strength to see the unseen that gave me the power to follow my dreams. My journey taught me that success is nothing but a result of relentless hustle, perseverance, patience, determination, dedication and discipline. Just decide who you want to be and start acting on it. Once you commit to your commitment, then there is nothing you can’t achieve.

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